William Hentschel

Mr. Hentschel is a graduate of Kansas State University College of Architecture and Design. He joined Forum Architects in 2000 as a Project Architect/Project Manager. He is licensed in Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin and is also a LEED accredited professional. He has over 24 years architectural experience in residential, commercial, industrial, and healthcare design and has worked on projects throughout the United States. In 2007 he became a partner in the firm, and in 2011 Mr. Hentschel and Mrs. Kobayashi assumed management as Partner/Owners of the firm. He is primarily involved in the design, documentation, management, and construction supervision of projects.

Renee Kobayashi

Mrs. Kobayashi received her Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She joined Forum Architects in 2001 as a Project Architect. She is licensed in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio, and is a LEED accredited professional. She has over 20 years of architectural experience and has developed many long standing relationships with clients. Many of those clients have partnered with Forum Architects on multiple projects. Her portfolio includes religious, commercial, housing, and educational projects. In January of 2011, Mrs. Kobayashi and Mr. Hentschel became primary Partner/Owners of Forum Architects, LLC. In January of 2012, Mrs. Kobayashi became the Managing Partner. Forum Architects is now Certified as a Woman owned Business Enterprise.

Throughout their careers, Mrs. Kobayashi and Mr. Hentschel have demonstrated their attention to detail, and foresight in analyzing potential problems, while focusing on their interaction and communication with owners to meet their needs, and bring about efficient, well planned projects. Using their artistic and creative skills, Mrs. Kobayashi and Mr. Hentschel along with their diverse staff, Forum Architects, LLC has won numerous design awards for architectural excellence by providing each client with integrity, thoughtful, and appropriate design solutions.